I took the spoon, the whisky and the coke
I found myself walking down the street
I felt the blood running on my arm
I tried to kiss your lips but you were gone

I took a drink trying to forget
I put the heaven, baby, right inside my veins
I dreamed with birds, flying in my room
And I turned back your pictures on the wall

Now my life is empty like my glass
And the light is no more over me
Crazy day, it’s raining on my heart
Like a ghost, I’m dead but I can talk

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Anónimo dijo...

tema-zo,casi imnotico,deci que me chispea el bic y no enciende,para el recital me compro el zippo,aunque este hecho migas...la gente pide a gritos mas coros para chaston "haceme un favor" debona........abrazo